A Branding, Financing, & Business Consulting Specialist

Carlos Alamilla has over 30 years of experience in Education, Branding, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting and Conference speaker. He worked with brands such as Lipton, Kraft, Pringles, General Mills, and Nabisco in the food world. Also, he worked with Los Angeles Lakers, NBA, and the Jr. NBA program brands.

His Publications

Carlos published COLLEGE AVENUE-The best guide to entering the best U.S. colleges with scholarships. The book has been a success in that, he has been invited to give conferences in US college education in China, Hong Kong, and Dubai. He created COLLEGE AVENUE CLUB, which helps students enter the best US colleges with scholarships.

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Shows & Podcasts

In addition, he has been featured in the media in CBS NEWS, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, MEGA TV, RADIO SHOWS, MIAMI HERALD and he has his own COLLEGE AVENUE PODCAST in SPOTIFY and ITUNES.

Academics & Achievements

Carlos graduated from USC-University of Southern California with a BA and attended graduate school. During his years as a student, he was the Director of the Norman Topping Student Scholarship Fund, which has provided millions of $$ in scholarships to underprivileged and minority students and is still active today.

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